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Ruakaka is a combination of the two words "Rua" and "Kaka". Rua is a Maori word for two and Kaka is a native parrot. Ruakaka has kilometers of sandy beach often used by surfers, facing out to Bream Bay towards Bream Head, the Hen and Chicken Islands and Sail Rock. Bream Bay was named by Captain Cook during his first voyage to New Zealand when he visited the region. It was named because of the easy capture of 100 snapper (which he mistook for bream) soon after anchoring. 

A short stroll from the stables through the sand dunes opens the way to Ruakaka beach. To be able to utilise the beach provides Logan Racing with options for their race horses. Whether it’s galloping in a straight line in the firmer sand or working slower in the heavier sand or just simply a change of scenery which often helps the older horses who may be a little bored with constant trackwork, the beach provides options. A short stroll in the sea water afterwards tops off the work for the horses. 

Logan Racing believes in body and mind philosophy for their horses, this is definitely achievable in these surroundings. The temperature is normally 2 or 3 degrees warmer than stables further south and horses aren't boxed . They live in sheltered outdoor sand based (no mud) yards with fresh sea air as a bonus.


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