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Dean died in 2015 and Chris Gibbs joined the team as Donna's training partner. 

Gary Dean Logan, I was born in Whangarei and grew up in Waipu on a Dairy Farm. I attended school at Waipu Primary and Waipu District High where I passed School Certificate and University Entrance.  

I worked initially at the Post Office Workshops as apprentice Motor Mechanic. I went on to achieve “Advanced Trade Certificate” qualification attaining top marks for NZ for my exams. I became involved with race horses when I met Donna at age 19yrs when she was riding track work.  

I remained working as a mechanic until Telecom (formally NZ Post) started shutting down its workshops. We had become quite busy at the stables so I took redundancy and became fulltime at stables. I didn’t obtain a Trainers licence until 2003 as we didn’t see any point in paying for two licences. Also there was an attraction for some owners to have a female trainer so it was more viable for Donna to be the licensed person.  

The best horses that I have been involved with so far include El Duce, Good Faith, Zabeat, Habibi, Victory Smile, Vapour Trail and The Mighty Finn. One of our early wins was with a horse Best Ace that Ken Martin, my father and I raced. We are still winning races from this family 27 years later.

Outside of horse racing, I like Motor Sports particularly Drag Racing. I am currently the Fram Autolite Dragway Super Street series champion which I have either won, or been runner up, in past three seasons.

I have two children Samantha and Robert, and my partner is Dianne Erceg